Digi Home Services aim to provide customers with access to servicemen, to carry out the service specified below, in a timely and hassle-free manner. while booking home services the following terms and conditions are accepted and agreed to by the customer.

Services requests may be logged with us online or through phone at in the prescribed format. Please ensure that your details are accurate to ensure that the Services are provided in a timely manner. Services will be provided 7 days in your area. We will not be able to provide Services on national holidays and other restricted holidays (which may vary from State to State).

On receiving your request for required Services online, and/or over the phone we will allot it a unique Happy-code which will be used to track the progress and status of the Service.

All servicemen carry an identity card issued by us which will have his name, photograph, and the name of the Service Provider. You must verify his/her identity before you allow the servicemen enter into your premises for providing the requested Services. You should keep the serviceman under your direct observation and supervision for the entire duration for which the serviceman is present at your premises until the Services sought are completed. In case you have any doubt on his/her identity, please do not allow the serviceman access to your premises and please call our toll free number immediately. We will not be responsible for any loss or harm suffered by you if you permit entry to any person who does not carry an identity card issued by us or if you fail to verify the identity of the serviceman.

All servicemen are required to behave professionally and properly with customers. In case you have a feedback about a serviceman, please let us know your feedback on our website page.

Services includes labor only. Parts and material are not included. You can buy the parts or materials required for carrying out the Service through our website too. The Serviceman will present you with a formal bill as proof of purchase which will be provided by our company. However, if such parts or materials are defective or stops working or is not functioning as expected,then it will get replace by as warranty printed on the product. If any materials or parts have been purchased as a result of work you instructed us to undertake, and you cancel the work request, you will be charged for such procured materials or parts on an actual basis.

Charges and Payment:

A fixed visit fee for Services requested shall be Rs. 100  (Rupees One hundred only) towards serviceman’s visit to your premises, payable either at the time of booking your service request thru our website or upon serviceman’s arrival at your premises or through Paytm.or our wallet.

In addition to the fixed visit fee, there is a service fee applicable which the serviceman will inform you of before he starts his work. Once you confirm your approval to the service fee and the serviceman starts to provide the Services, the service fee is payable irrespective of whether you ask the serviceman to discontinue the services at any time. The fixed visit fee will be adjusted against the service charges so that the fixed visit charge shall at all times be the minimum fee payable.

The service fee payable by you to us is not inclusive of the cost of spare parts or materials, if any, required to undertake and complete the requested services and such cost will be borne by you in addition to the service fee.

Cancellations and Delay: The fixed visit fee is not refundable and applicable in case of cancellation for any reason once the serviceman arrives at your premises. (For example: If the material required for the provision of Services is not made available by the customer then the fixed visit fee shall be payable.) We may also, at our discretion, impose on you a waiting charge of Rs.50 per half hour after the initial half hour in case serviceman is waiting to carry out his work either on your instructions or on account of non-availability of parts and any materials.

Any dues or any other applicable fees and charges for Services rendered, including without limitation for any part or material procured, then we reserve the right to recover the amounts payable to us by legal means, and may also blacklist you so that we reserve the right not to provide you with any further Services in the future and cancel any other pending Service requests.

Follow-ups or confirmation of Services carried out by the servicemen should be communicated to us through the or you may call our toll free number in order to avoid any inconvenience. We shall not be responsible for any call booked directly by the customer with the serviceman, as in such cases has no control and is not liable for any loss or damages  directly or legally in such case.

By using our Services, you agree to receive SMS texts on your mobile and emails containing the status of your jobs and any special offers that are available to you. You can opt out of this service by contacting us at any time. We will not send you any spam messages.

We offer limited guarantee for 10 days only on work undertaken and performed by a serviceman. Our guarantee for work carried out by a serviceman will be void if our work is repaired, modified, or tampered in any means by anyone other than us. Provided the fault has been registered directly with us online at or at our call center within such limited guarantee period, and a Job ID has been obtained in this regard, any work that is required to be undertaken due to any fault of serviceman will be done at no additional service fee{only Labour Charges}. A new service request shall be generated, with applicable service fees for any subsequent visits, to carry out any additional or further work on previously completed work if it is not arising out of our fault.

Digi Home Service is not liable or responsible for any work carried by the serviceman which was directly instructed by the customer despite a contrary recommendation of the serviceman.

In no event Digi Home Service shall be liable to the customer for any direct, special, or consequential damages or lost profits arising out of or related to any Services provided by Digi Home Service, even if Digi Home Service has been advised of the possibility thereof, or knew or should have known thereof. Digi Home Service liability here under to the customer, if any, shall in no event exceed the total of the service fee paid by the customer to Digi Home Service.

Any disputes, differences and/or any other matters in relation to services provided by Digi Home Service and/or pertaining to the Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. The Parties hereby subject themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at New Delhi.

We reserve the absolute right to revise our fees and charges and/or these Terms and Conditions are subject to change without (i) any prior notice, (ii) assigning any reason or (iii) any liability whatsoever. Please refer to the website for the updated applicable fees. We have no obligation to individually intimate each customer or service provider in relation to such changes.

In addition to these Terms and Conditions, other specific terms may be imposed by Digi Home Service at any time to deal with any unforeseen situations. We also reserve the absolute right to change the Prices and/or any Terms and Conditions contained herein without assigning any reason and without any liability whatsoever. Members and users are requested to refer to these changes, if any, which will be displayed at We have no obligation to separately intimate each customer or service provider or user of services with regard to such changes.

We reserve the right to cancel any Service request at any time due to internal and external reasons.

By lodging a request for Services, the Customer accepts these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and agrees to be bound by it and to regularly check for any amended Terms and Conditions on 

Replacement of Product Policy:

In case of any concern towards any product or parts installed against customer’s order or and if it is found faulty and is in warranty period, customer will raise the claim directly to the company or manufacturer who has manufactured /marketed that product. Digi Home Service will not take any responsibility for the same as Digi Home Service is not a manufacturer or owner of the products.

In case, you receive any product or parts with tampered packaging or in bad/damaged condition before delivery, please do not accept the same and immediately return to the serviceman and also intimate at our phone number promptly. We need your cooperation to help you better.

Cancellation Policy:

Any person including but not limited to company who has already taken our membership (“Member”), can request for cancellation at any time subject to the following terms:

If any member gives cancellation instruction within 30 days from the date of taking such membership, Digi Home Service will refund entire amount paid by them provided they have not availed any service under the membership.

If the member gives instructions to cancel the membership after the expiry of 30 days then no refund will be given to them.

In case of any services like, Electrical, Plumbing, Computer Repair, Motor Repair, Generator Repair and Home Appliances Repair, customers can cancel their order 24 hours prior to the scheduled date within office timings from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm on any working day. In case request for cancellation or order is placed within 24 hours of the scheduled date, no cancellation will be accepted and Digi Home Service will have right to raise bill against one time visit charges and the customer is obligated to pay the same. However, the customer can reschedule the work order or request for another day within five business days. All eligible refund will be processed within 7 business days from the date of acceptance of cancellation by Digi Home Service after deducting administration charges at the rate of 10% of the refund amount.

In case of refund against membership, Digi Home Service reserves its rights and the decision of its management will be final.

Digi Home Service has this policy to let our customer aware about that their information shared with us is confidential & what we do with the same. 

Privacy Policy

Here, Digi Home Service will let you know about How we kept your information confidential when you use our website

Kindly let us know if you have any questions regarding privacy policy at 

When you use Digi Home Services through Digihomeservice App, DigiHomeService may use Your mobile device ID (the unique identification assigned to a mobile device by the manufacturer). DigiHomeService does this to store your preferences and track your use of DigiHomeService App. You understand and agree that DigiHomeService has every right to share such ID with third parties for its promotions, analysis, etc.

At the time of using the Digi Home Service you will share certain Personal Information with us, DigiHomeService respects your Personal Information. Such Personal Information may include your personal identifiable information such as your name, address, mobile number, your e-mail ids, your age, IP address, payment details and any other personal information which You may share in connection with the services.

In case You participate in any other schemes, facilities, services provided by the Digi Home Service, You will be required to provide additional information. Such information will also remain in Digi Home Service’s database and will be considered as your Personal Information and will be treated as confidential.

We collect personal information from Service Professionals offering their products and services. Service Professionals and customers are required to create an account to be able to access certain portions of our website, such as to submit questions, participate in polls or surveys, to request a quote, to submit a bid in response to a quote, and request information. - Service Professionals, if and when they create and use an account with Digi Home Service, will be required to disclose and provide to Digi Home Service information including personal contact details, bank details, personal identification details (such as Aadhar card, phonebook, call logs etc. and participate in polls or surveys or feedbacks etc. Such information gathered shall be utilized to ensure greater customer satisfaction and help a customer satiate their needs. The type of personal information that we collect from you varies based on your particular interaction with our Website or mobile application.

Service Professionals: If you are a Service Professional and would like to post any information about yourself, we will require you to register for an Account. During the Account registration process, we will collect your business name, telephone number, address, zip code, travel preferences, a description of your services, a headline for your profile, first and last name, and email address, Adhaar Card, Police Verification & PAN Card. In addition, you may, but are not required to, provide other content or information about your business, including photographs and videos. We also may collect payment information, such as credit card information, from you.

The Service Professional authorizes the Verifier to securely store the Service Professional’s Proprietary Information on their platform and understands that the Verifier shall endeavour to ensure confidentiality of the same.

The Service Professional acknowledges that the digital record of the Proprietary Information on the Verifier platform shall be accessible to Digi Home Service and Digi Home Service and their authorized users/partners/affiliates/contractors shall be entitled to access and update such digital record on the Verifier platform, including data, documents, certificates, verification reports, references, testimonials, etc. and shall be entitled to use the related services provided via the Verifier platform.

The Service Professional acknowledges that if the Service Professional is desirous of editing and/or deleting its digital record from the Verifier platform, it shall be entitled to do so by sending an email to such email address of the Verifier which shall be immediately provided by the Company to the Service Professional, and in such a manner as the Verifier requires the same.

Digi Home Service reserves its right to take appropriate actions (in its sole discretion) pursuant to the outcome of the background check and verification.

Digi Home Service reserves the right to record the conversations between service professionals and consumers facilitated by Digi Home Service through the messaging/chat mechanism on the platform or the calls made through the virtual numbers provided to safeguard the privacy of consumers and service professionals. All the chat/messaging logs or call recordings can be used to but not limited to monitor and prohibit abuse, safeguard the rights of consumers and service professionals, resolve disputes.

If we deem it necessary, in our sole and absolute discretion, we may also ask for and collect supplemental information from third parties, such as information about your credit from a credit bureau (to the extent permitted by law), or information to verify any identification details you provide during registration.

A “cookie” is a small piece of information stored by a web server on a web browser so it can be later read back from that browser. Digi Home Service uses cookie and tracking technology depending on the features offered. No personal information will be collected via cookies and other tracking technology; however, if You previously provided personally identifiable information, cookies may be tied to such information.